Wednesday, February 4, 2009

:: Sultan of Perak recite... ::

Sultan of Perak recite ayah al-Quran when ended of discussion with Datuk Seri Ir. Mohd Nizar Jamaludin today :
"Innallaha ma'as sobirin"
:: Indeed, Allah always together with those Muslims who have patient ::
I just pray and hope all politic's speculations in Perak will be ended tomorrow. For me, i like da' 'remain' government rather than 'snatcher' government..


Anonymous said...

the so-called 'snatcher' government are so shameful! they snatch-away Perak with money, bagaimana nak menjawab di akhirat kelak? nak minta maaf pada semua rakyat2 perak...? (-_-)

amirah fatin said...

sy bru thu ni....