Sunday, April 13, 2008

:: We Have The Quality And We Are Young ::

:: Fabregas, Youngster of Arsenal ::

"I believe we played with quality and spirit and were unlucky to lose this game. I never felt under pressure and I believe defensively we played quite well. We lost on a penalty - that you can give or not give but we are used to that now - and on a free-kick when Gilberto did not touch him. I believe these two decisions made a big difference. We have to take it but overall I am proud of my team." - Arsene Wenger -

Definitely, Arsenal hard to get the title for this season. Lost by ManUtd means Arsenal have difficulties to get back the 1st place on BPL table. However, we proud of Arsenal for this season because Arsenal is only a team in BPL who have 80% young players. Even though Arsenal don't get the title for this season, it shows that the youngsters team had challenge every single game especially to ManUtd, Chelsea and Liverpool.

We have the quality and we are young.

I hope for next season, Arsenal will get at least one title.
Congratulations Arsenal..!!