Friday, March 14, 2008

:: Jamuan Persaraan Puan Sofiah Hashim, Ketua Pustakawan ::

:: Sweet memories with you will be not forgotten by us ::
Even though we just work five months under Puan Sofiah Hashim as she was our big boss, we are very thankful to her because she select and appoint us as new librarians in USM's library..
In this short period, we learned lot of skills and multi-knowledge especially about a reality of librarianship..
We..Ikhwan, Jamilah, Rosnani, Lukman, Linda and Suhana feel she has very charismatic leader in our organization and we can say she is an iron lady in librarianship career..

:: Selamat Bersara Kepada Puan Sofiah Hashim ::